CH Ester Gemme del Nord*IT

The biggest of her sibling – we are curious to find how she looks like when she grows up. She foreshow for a big and massive female. She took it after her very handsome father.

Ester is very sweet and charming, she has exceptional snout expression. She is calm and very curious at the same time. She jumps on all the platforms, pieces of furniture etc., where she can observe room and surroundings from. By character she is like Irtysz – patient and confident toward human. She often sleeps cuddled between legs of her human or tucked under blanket.

Date of birth: 07.07.2018

EMS code: n 09 21 (black unspecified tabby with white)


Tomas Barselit of GemmedelNord

Milana Taiga Star* RU of GemmedelNord

Pedigree (Pawpeds):


Felv/FIV – negative

Blood group: A

 Cat shows results:

(FP Wrocław/2019-09-08/112)7NEM n 09 21Ex1, CACIBMr. Robert Lubrano, FR
(FP Wrocław/2019-09-07/112)9NEM n 09 21Ex1, CAC, BIVMrs. Britta Busse, DE
(FP Sopot/2019-08-04/86)9NEM n 09 21Ex1, CAC, BIVMr. Kristof Van Roy, BE
(FP Sopot/2019-08-03/86)9NEM n 09 21Ex1, CAC
Mrs. Donatella Mastrangelo, IT
(FP Szczecin/2019-04-07/214)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1Mrs. Carin Sahlberg, FI
(FP Szczecin/2019-04-06/213)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1
Mr. Ireneusz Pruchniak, PL
(FP Poznań/2019-03-31/130)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1Mrs. Annette Sjodin, SE
(FP Poznań/2019-03-30/130)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1Mrs. Anna Wilczek, PL
(FP Warszawa/2019-02-24/127)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1Mrs Magdalena Kudra
(FP Warsawa/2019-02-23/127)11NEM n 09 21Ex 1Mr.Stephane Henry, FR