PR Bheru Markotki*PL

Bheru, called Basil at home, is a dignified male cat (castrate) with incredible intelligence – he is responsible for all burglaries into wardrobes, cupboards and other nooks, especially those where he can find his favorite delicacies. He loves to bask on the balcony, watch the birds, and above all sleep in bed with his beloved owner

NEM ns 21 (black with silver unspecified tabby)

born: 15.10.2015


CH Clara Sonata Księżycowa*Pl

CH Zhan Neva Angel*Ru

Cat shows results:

 1.   (CCR Rybnik/2017-10-22/96)   10   NEM ns 21   Ex 1, CAP    Mrs. Martyna Dziemidowicz, PL 
 2.   (CCW – Wrocław/2016-10-02/92)   10   NEM ns 21   Ex 1, CAP    Mrs. Hanne Sopie Sneum, DK 
 3.   (CCW – Wrocław/2016-10-01/92)   10   NEM ns 21   Ex 1, CAP, NOM, BOS    Mrs. Olga Sizova, RU 
 4.   (FP – Kościan/2016-04-17/142)   12   NEM ns 21   Ex 1    Mr. Vladimir Isakov, BY 
 5.   (FP – Kościan/2016-04-16/142)   12   NEM ns 21   Ex 1    Mr. Mateusz Jędrzejowski, PL


    Bheru Markotki*Pl

    Bheru Markotki*P